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5 Questions to ask about Medicare Advantage

5 Best Medicare Coverage Questions

The 5 Best Questions To Ask About Medicare Coverage Whether you retire at 65 or keep working, you’ll be eligible for Medicare. Which means, you’ll have new choices in health plans — maybe more options than ever. There’s a lot to think about. So, it’s smart to start planning by asking these important questions. The […]

5 Top Reasons to Make this Health Plan part of your Retirement

5 Reasons To Make This Health Plan Part Of Your Retirement

5 Top Reasons To Make This Health Plan Part Of Your Retirement Looking for better value from your future health plan? Look to Johns Hopkins Advantage MD. We offer Medicare Advantage plans just for Maryland residents — plans that give you more benefits, more savings and more convenience. Even better, you get Johns Hopkins quality health […]

Why Choose Medicare Advantage

Why Choose A Medicare Advantage Plan

Why A Medicare Advantage Plan Could Be The Right Choice For You When it comes time to choose your Medicare health plan, you’ll basically have three options: 1) Rely on Original Medicare alone — health insurance from the federal government; or 2) Supplement Original Medicare with a Medicare Supplement plan; or 3) Get affordable, all-in-one […]

Advantage MD Mall Walking 2018

Mall Walking: A Well-Being Boost

Mall Walking: A Well-Being Boost More and more people are finding out: the mall isn’t just for shopping—it’s also a great spot for a walk. Walking is an easy, versatile, and free or low-cost way to be physically active. You can walk anywhere, on your own schedule, without equipment or special clothes (besides comfortable walking […]

Doctor's Office

It’s Health Screening Time

One of the most important — and cost-effective — things you can do to ensure your good health at any age is getting screenings and vaccinations. As you face retirement, it’s especially important to know exactly where your health stands.